WICAZO SA REVIEW Vol 18 No 1 features Kim TallBear’s piece on Native American DNA and cultural identity. “I saw American broadcaster Larry King interview African-American comedian Chris Rock in February 2001 on CNN International. King asked Rock how he felt about recent developments related to mapping the human genome. When Chris Rock appeared puzzled and respond- ed more or less that he didn’t feel qualified to address the topic, King elaborated that such scientific inquiry might be used to make black people white and didn’t Mr. Rock have an opinion about this? Recog- nizing King’s unfamiliarity with the psychology of race, Chris Rock seemed to see that this was one battle in which he didn’t want to en- gage on international television. He responded graciously and with a smile, ‘It isn’t like that.'[…]”

Download below to read the full article:
(2003). “DNA blood & racializing the tribe”. Wicazo Sá Review 18(1): 81-107.

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