The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics features Kim TallBear’s piece on contemporary techno-scientific narratives of race and indigeneity. The author affirms that “In its quest to sample 100,000 “indigenous and traditional peoples,” the Genographic Project deploys five problematic narratives: (1) that “we are all African”; (2) that “genetic science can end racism”; (3) that “indigenous peoples are vanishing”; (4) that “we are all related”; and (5) that Genographic “collaborates” with indigenous peoples. In so doing, Genographic perpetuates much critiqued, yet longstanding notions of race and colonial scientific practice.”

Download below to read the full article:
(2007). “Narratives of race and indigeneity in the Genographic Project”. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 35(3): 412-424.